“Multiple options” is the best way to describe the lodging at The Country Place.

Our cottages have a capacity of over 150 guests in bunk style sleeping and the addition of the Inns with 20 private rooms brings a whole new dimension to our ability to meet the variety of needs of our groups.

The 5 Cottages that sleep a total of 100 guests in bunk style sleeping. It is the perfect place for student & kid’s ministry. Each cottage has central heat & air, ceramic tile in the entry way and bathroom, carpeted floors in the rooms, private cubbies for each guest & extra long inner-spring mattresses. The entry way & bathroom are in the middle of the cottage, separating the bunks into 2 sides – 10 beds (5 bunks) on each side.

We also have separate bunk-rooms attached to the Cedar Grove Conference Center. Often used for workcrews in the past, groups often use them for leadership & staff these days. These rooms also have central heat & air, cermaic tile bathrooms, & linoleum flooring. There is an upstairs and downstairs that are completely separated. Each room has 12 beds (6 bunks). They are separate from the cottages but in close proximity.

Our Bunk Lodge that is a great place for small groups (25 or less). It also serves as another “bunk-room” for groups exceeding 120 guests. The lodge is located across the lake from the main campus (@200 yd walk). It has a maximum of 34 beds (17 bunks) and 3 bathrooms. It has central heat & air, hardwood floors, and a full kitchen (for small group use).